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Marjani Viola Hawkins is based in Phoenix, AZ.

MVHPhoto specializes in fashion editorial, portraiture, brand stories, engagement, concerts, celebrity, sports & event photography.

Queer Girls by MVHPhoto / Sponsored in part by One-N-Ten Phoenix is slated for release in 2018. For more information on Marjani's first photography book - visit queergirls.squarespace.com


Stop Magazine- Print Fashion Editorial - TBA

Phoenix Home & Garden MagazinE (Inspiration Board)- October 2017

Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine (Faces of Phoenix//Pages 8-9, 9-10, & 13)- September 2017

Finding Arizona Podcast - Podcast- August 2017 - TBA

Up In Smoke! - Podcast - April 2017

Elegant Magazine- Print Fashion Editorial- April 2017

FoxGlove Magazine - Print Fashion Editorial- February 2017

The State Press @ Arizona State University - Interview - February 2017

Ain't Nothing You Can Do! - Album Cover - January 2017

Black Fox Literary Magazine - Writing Editorial - December 2017

Smart Blondes- Interview - October 2016

Aquila Grayscale- Product Shots- May 2016

Aquila Grayscale-Interview-April 2016

House Party at Big Jon's by Big Jon & Bob Corritore-Album Cover- March 2016

Fisique Magazine-Print Fashion Editorial-February 2016

Fashion Grunge Blog- Fashion Webtorial-February 2016

ANON Magazine-Fashion Webtorial-December 2015

PUMP Magaine- Print Fashion Editorial -November 2015

Fisque Magazine- Print Fashion Editorial- November 2015

Phoenix New Times-Phoenix Fashion Week Article Recap (Featured)--October 2015-

GrowOp Boutique (Photographed by Minkmade)- (Modeling)-October 2015

Business Babes Interview by Tara O.- Video Interview- September 2015

Colabination.com- Webtorial Feature- (Modeling)- September 2015

HVSH Magazine- Webtorial Feature- July 2015

The Henry Gray/Bob Corritore Sessions Vol.1 Blues Won't Let Me Take My Rest (Album Cover+ Disc Image)- June 2015

Zephyr Magazine- Print Fashion Editorial-April 2015

Blum Magazine- Print Fashion Editorial-March 2015

Global Phenomz Magazine- (Cover + 2 Artist Features w/i issue)- February 2015

We Magazine for Women -Print Interview- January 2015

American Blues Scene Magazine -Advertisement-December 2014

The Underground Youth -Web Feature-December 2014

The Pulp Zine Webtorial Feature-November 2014

Lulu's Aethetics by Amanda Waters- Company Advertisment (Web + Print Pamphlets)- October 2014

Markey Blue (Band)- Advertisement-September 2014

Interview Feature- Video Interview-August 2014

Part 2: Interview Feature- Video Interview-August 2014

Inconnu Magazine- Webtorial Feature-Summer 2014

Black Fox Literary Magazine- (Cover)- Summer 2014/Issue #10

Markey Blue (Band)- Promotional Photography (As featured by City Hall Records)- July 2014

12th Annual Blues Festival Guide- May 2014 -

CIRCUS Magazine-Webtorial Feature-September 2013

Sunset Voodoo (Band)- Promotional Photography- September 2013

Charlie Bolts Talk Radio- Radio Interview- January 2013